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Saw them dancing in your eyes
Like shadows in the night
Doing pirouettes around the stars
We were running in a haze
I remember every shade
In my veins and they shot up sparks

Atmosphere, 2014

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maleficent..yeah cuz i heard of the movie by nebezial


"With all the bickering and countermanding each other, it’s a wonder they function as a team at all."

30 day otp challenge - clint barton/pietro maximoff (marvel 616)

WHAT IS LOVE? (11/30)

Day eleven: Wearing kigurumis
Pairings/Characters: Clint Barton/Pietro Maximoff. Clint Barton, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff and Lucky. Erik Lensherr, Lorna Dane, Tommy Shepherd, Billy Kaplan, Wolverine, Rogue, Kitty Pryde,Longshot, Tony Stark, T’Challa, Hank Pym, Hank McCoy, Black Cat, Jessica Drew, Kate Bishop, Steve Rogers, Penny, Gambit, Loki and Danny Rand are briefly mentioned.
Disclaimer: Marvel (all media types) does not belong to me.
Observations: Unrevised work.

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"I'm invisible."

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While drawing this I had to explain to my husband how The Flash stores his costume inside a ring and pops it out to change from his civilian clothes into his red spandex in what appears, to us, like an imperceptible blur of motion. It’s the sort of thing you really aren’t meant to have to explain out loud, one adult to another. He is a ridiculous character, whose absurdity is obscured by his simplicity. 

He got hit by lighting that mixed with some radioactive chemicals and now he is really really super fast. That’s simple. Slap a lightning bolt on him and send it to print. No lengthy explanations about alien genes or ancient techno-viruses or past lives needed. 

But the more you examine the premise of super-speed, the more ridiculous it becomes. Soon you’re not just breaking speed limits and sound barriers. You’re defying the laws of science and logic. How can a human body withstand it? How can his mind process information at that speed? If he’s running faster than the speed of light, can he see? Doesn’t time itself get messed up? *

The Flash is one of those characters that forces us to remind ourselves IT’S A COMIC. When presented with questions like “How does he breathe the superheated air surrounding him?”,  the answer is always YES.  Sometimes comics give us a premise and we have to just run with it. The universe will be OK. 

*Apparently, The Flash’s “Speed Aura” protects him and encompasses him in a personal zone of regularly-moving time. Rest easy. The science-magic of comics has provided us with a fairly elegant explanation

by Rogan Josh

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The Werewolf by Niconoff


mcu meme - 4/8 characters;  sam wilson.

Captain America needs my help. There’s no better reason to get back in.


like, i guess this isnt even a particularly “”“adult”“” blog but theres something very unnerving about clicking through to a new follower and seeing “age: 14” on the sidebar. i feel like a chaperon at a highschool dance. leave some room for jesus